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Setting Up Custom Domain on UniHosted

With the UniHosted business plan, you can set up a custom domain by forwarding your Domain Name System (DNS) to our server with a Canonical Name record (CNAME).

Table of Contents

Update DNS

  1. Navigate to your DNS settings provided by your host provider.

  2. Create a CNAME record. While doing this, most providers will have an option field for the name. You can enter any desired name. For our example, let's use "UniFi".

    It's important to note that you use a CNAME instead of an A-record because we might need to change the underlying IP-address at some point.

  3. For the Target, set the URL that you normally use to log in with your UniFi controller. You can find this information in your website settings or dashboard.

  4. Time to Live (TTL): This setting is not critical, so you can leave it on "auto" or set it to the desired duration (for instance, five minutes).

Note: In our example, we utilize Cloudflare as the hosting provider. You should see something similar in your respective hosting provider’s platform.


If you're using Cloudflare, ensure the following:

  • Proxy Status: Make sure to turn this off. We will handle the SSL setup for you. If the proxy is left on, it may cause issues when renewing the SSL certificate.

  • Comments: This is an optional field where you can document notes about the DNS record.


Now, Save your settings, and you are good to go.

This is what it should look like:

Add CNAME Cloudflare

Add CNAME Cloudflare

Inform us

After saving your settings, please inform us, so we can manually add your custom domain to your server. This is an essential step since we will ensure the SSL certificates on that domain are consistently renewed.

We typically aim to update the server configurations within a day. Therefore, once your domain is set up, contact us and provide your domain name. We will then verify if the domain name is correctly linked to the appropriate server.

Once everything is checked out, we will add your new configuration to the server. Then, you can use the new URL across all your UniFi devices and to login into your dashboard. You can always keep using the default URL, we will maintain both domains for you.