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Adopting a UniFi Device to the Free Tier Controller

Hi, I'm Dries from UniHosted. In this guide, I'll show you how to adopt an access point to our free tier controller. This process has changed slightly since version 8 of the UniFi Network.

Looking for how to add a device to your dedicated controller? Check this article.

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Table of Contents

Steps to Adopt a UniFi Device to the Free tier

1. Ensure Factory Default State

Check the UniFi Device LED Status to confirm the device is in a factory-default state. Press and hold the reset button for 5 to 10 seconds.

2. Access the Device

First, SSH into your UniFi access point. If it's a new device, you can use the default credentials.

3. Upgrade Access Point (optional)

In some cases, it's required to have an up-to-date access point. We recommend to always update the device to the latest version. Check community.ui.com/releases for the latest release.

Copy the latest download link (something like https://dl.ui.com/unifi/firmware/xxx.bin) for your device and run:

upgrade [paste_download_link_here]

4. Run the Info Command

After logging in, run the info command to get details about the device, like its MAC address and uptime.

5. Set Inform Command

By default, the device tries to connect to UniFi on port 8080. To change this, use the set-inform command:

set-inform http://try.unifi.unihosted.com:8080/inform

Note: Use HTTP, not HTTPS, as HTTPS will not work.

6. Adopting Your Device on UniHosted's Dashboard

After running the set-inform command on your device, you'll need to register it on the UniHosted dashboard:

  1. Login to UniHosted: Navigate to the UniHosted dashboard and enter your credentials to log in.

  2. Access the Free Plan: In the sidebar, click on the "Free Plan" to go to the adoption section.

  3. Enter the MAC Address: In the "Adopt Device" section, input the MAC address of your UniFi device. You can find this address in the output of the info command that you previously ran on the device.

  4. Adopt the Device: Click the "Adopt" button to register your device with the UniHosted controller.

  5. Confirmation: After clicking "Adopt", you will see a confirmation message stating, "Device successfully adopted. Please log in to the UniFi Controller to configure it." This means that your device is now linked to your dashboard and is ready for configuration.



7. Log Into UniHosted Controller

After adopting the device, log into the UniHosted controller. You should see your access point getting ready, indicating a successful adoption.


The adoption process should be complete within a few minutes, allowing you to enjoy the new features of the UniFi Network. Enjoy your newly adopted device!