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Take your UniFi Network to the next level with our cloud hosting service. We provide fully managed UniFi Controllers with automatic backups, worry-free SSL setup, and on a stable version.

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Daily backups
Nobody is perfect, but your data is safe. We can always roll back to earlier versions.
SSL certificates
Setting up SSL certificates with UniFi can be a hassle. We do it for you.
Always up-to-date
We keep your controller and server up-to-date. No need to worry about security patches or updates.
Instantly deployed
No hassle to get your UniFi Controller online, we do all the hard work.
Because we manage all servers, we make sure they all are secure and up-to-date.
Email support
We have the expertise to help you with any issues you might have.
Battle tested UniFi versions
We always test new versions of UniFi so you are on a stable version.
24/7 monitoring
We have extensive monitoring to keep your controller online.
Dedicated server
We only use dedicated VPS servers to host your controller.
Arrowhead Technologies

I've been very happy with UniHosted and their offering. The setup was simple and migrating all of my clients' controllers over was seamless. The team is responsive and quick to help with any questions you have. Stability and uptime have been rock solid.

Dustin Abell
Dustin Abell
Owner of Arrowhead Technologies

Cool idea for a service, and easy to set up. I was able to move from a finicky, locally managed Unifi console - to a reliable, cloud based console. I see this as good solution for small businesses who want one less thing to manage on premise.

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  • Daily backups
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24/7 monitoring

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Have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Is my data safe with UniHosted?
Yes. We are a European business, so privacy and security is our top priority. Our hosting solution, based on Vultr, implements top-tier security protocols, including encryption, firewalls, and regular security audits. We prioritize your data's security as if it were our own.
Will my system experience downtime?
No. Our infrastructure is built on Vultr, with high-performance servers. Plus, we conduct regular maintenance and updates during off-peak hours to ensure minimal disruptions. We use rolling deploys to prevent any downtime.
Is UniHosted cost-effective in the long run?
Yes. We choose pay-per-device as a fair price for every customer. No fixed fee. It saves you a lot now, and in the long run. Consider server maintenance, software updates, and security measures. With our hosting solution, there are no hidden costs.
Can I count on UniHosted for expert support?
Yes. Our dedicated support team is available via email to you to assist you with any issues or queries. Our experts are trained specifically in UniFi systems, ensuring that you get an efficient response every time.
Will I retain control over my UniFi Controller?
Yes. While we manage the backend and infrastructure, we provide our customers with full access and control over their UniFi Controller. You retain complete oversight and decision-making capabilities for your network.
Can UniHosted handle my network's growth?
Yes. Our hosting solution is designed with scalability in mind. We monitor the performance of your controller 24/7 and can upgrade your server anytime. Whether you're expanding your network or integrating new tools, we ensure that your system scales to meet your growing needs.
How difficult is the transition to UniHosted?
Our onboarding process is seamless. For the Business plan, we assist with data migration, ensure that there's minimal disruption, and provide support where necessary, making the transition to our hosted solution a breeze.
Am I locked in with UniHosted?
No. We believe in flexibility and freedom for our clients. If at any point you decide to move away, we support and facilitate a smooth transition without hidden fees or restrictive contracts. You can cancel anytime and take your data with you.
When will I be charged?
Charges for the UniFi Controller subscription occur upon deploying and monthly thereafter. If devices exceed 30, a device fee may apply. Refer to pricing for details.
What counts as a device?
Devices are managed networking components like access points, switches, routers, security cameras, and VoIP phones. They're configured and monitored through the UniFi Controller.
Why don't you support yearly payments?
Because we offer a pay-per-device model, we don't know how many devices you will use for the upcoming year. We allow yearly top-ups. Contact us if you want to apply.

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