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Take your UniFi Network to the next level with our cloud hosting service. We provide fully managed UniFi Controllers with automatic backups, worry-free SSL setup, and on a stable version.

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Daily backups
Nobody is perfect, but your data is safe. We can always roll back to earlier versions.
SSL certificates
Setting up SSL certificates with UniFi can be a hassle. We do it for you.
Always up-to-date
We keep your controller and server up-to-date. No need to worry about security patches or updates.
Instantly deployed
No hassle to get your UniFi Controller online, we do all the hard work.
Because we manage all servers, we make sure they all are secure and up-to-date.
Email support
We have the expertise to help you with any issues you might have.
Battle tested UniFi versions
We always test new versions of UniFi so you are on a stable version.
24/7 monitoring
We have extensive monitoring to keep your controller online.
Dedicated server
We only use dedicated VPS servers to host your controller.
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What our customers are saying

    • Simple setup, seamless migration, and reliable uptime

      I've been very happy with UniHosted and their offering. The setup was simple and migrating all of my clients' controllers over was seamless. The team is responsive and quick to help with any questions you have. Stability and uptime have been rock solid.

      Dustin Abell via Trustpilot
      Owner of Arrowhead Technologies
      Dustin Abell
    • Smooth onboarding process

      Works absolutely fine without hassles. Tried other Cloud-based Unifi controller solutions as well, and they were far from UniHosted what comes to functionality and simplicity. Great service indeed, would refer anytime!

      Samuli Salminen via Trustpilot
    • Great chat support

      Using the free tier whilst waiting for a UDR. Working great, new to Unifi and had a few teethign issues but the chat support were very engaged.

      John Gorst via Trustpilot
    • Easy transition from self-hosted to UniHosted

      Cool idea for a service, and easy to set up. I was able to move from a finicky, locally managed Unifi console - to a reliable, cloud based console. I see this as good solution for small businesses who want one less thing to manage on premise.

      Will via Trustpilot
      Home user
    • Great server performance!

      Everything runs much more smoothly than when we self-hosted our UniFi controller. The UniHosted team was been very helpful with the two small issues I ran into during the migration. We've had zero down time and couldn't be happier with the service.

      Matt P via Trustpilot
    • Effortless setup and peak network performance

      Unihosted solved issues I was having with an on premise controller. It was easy to setup and gives me great information to keep my network running at peak performance.

      Kendall Eley via Trustpilot
    • Great free service for UniFi

      Free service works, great idea for home users and instructions are easy to follow.

      Emm via Trustpilot
    • Great support

      Had a question about adopting a device and got the issue solved by the support within 30 minutes. Great experience.

      Regin Debess Thomsen via Trustpilot
    • Free hosting

      Thanks for the good free hosting for up to 5 devices.

      Marc Grooz via Trustpilot
    • Great alternative to Unifi Cloud

      Unihosted is a good service with perfect support.

      Piotr via Trustpilot

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Need more than 1000 devices? Contact us. We offer custom plans and SLAs.
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