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Deploying UniFi Networks in Enterprise Environments

Published onby Dries (edited on by Iron)

Deploying UniFi networks in enterprise environments is a delicate process for MSPs and IT-service providers aiming to ensure robust, scalable, and secure wireless connection.

This guide will walk you through the essential considerations and steps for implementing UniFi technology in large-scale settings, where the demands for reliability and performance are at their highest.

Let's dive in!

Table of Contents

Understanding Enterprise Network Needs

Enterprise environments have unique networking requirements, including high-density coverage, advanced security protocols, roaming, and network management capabilities.

Obviously, different clients have different demands but most of the time it comes down to the ones mentioned above. UniFi products, known for their scalability and performance, are designed to meet these demands head-on.

Planning Your UniFi Network Deployment

  1. Assess Your Network Requirements: Understand the size of the area to be covered, the number of expected clients, and specific use cases (e.g., HD streaming, large file transfers). This assessment will help in choosing the right UniFi hardware.

  2. Select Appropriate UniFi Hardware: For enterprise deployments, consider UniFi's UAP-AC-HD or UAP-XG access points for high-density client environments. UniFi Switches and Security Gateways should be selected based on bandwidth needs and security requirements.

  3. Design Your Network Topology: Plan a network topology that supports redundancy, minimizes bottlenecks, and provides the best coverage. Utilize UniFi Design Center or consult with networking professionals to optimize your layout.

Implementing Your UniFi Network

  1. Deploy UniFi Hardware: Install your UniFi devices according to the network design, ensuring access points are strategically placed for optimal coverage and performance.

  2. Set Up the UniFi Controller: The UniFi Controller is the heart of your network, providing a centralized platform for managing your devices. Consider deploying the Controller on a managed-cloud hosting solution, like UniHosted, for enhanced scalability, remote management capabilities and optimized performance.

  3. Configure Networks and Policies: Use the UniFi Controller to create networks, configure wireless SSIDs, and establish security policies. Enterprise environments may benefit from VLAN segmentation, advanced firewall rules, and dedicated guest networks.

  4. Adopt and Provision UniFi Devices: Through the UniFi Controller, adopt your UniFi devices into the network. The Controller will automatically provision the devices according to the configured settings, streamlining the deployment process.

Optimizing and Managing Your Network

  1. Monitor Network Performance: The UniFi Controller provides comprehensive tools for monitoring network health, traffic patterns, and client devices. Regularly reviewing this data can help identify potential issues before they impact performance. Also make sure to setup alerts to be able to quickly respond when issues arise.

  2. Update Firmware Regularly: Keeping your UniFi devices updated with the latest firmware is crucial for security and performance. The UniFi Controller facilitates batch updates, making it easy to maintain your hardware.

  3. Leverage UniFi's Advanced Features: Explore features such as DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), AI-driven Wi-Fi optimization, and automatic RF environment adjustments to enhance network performance and user experience.

Final Thoughts

Deploying UniFi networks in enterprise environments requires careful planning, strategic hardware selection, and ongoing management to ensure a high-performing, secure, and scalable wireless network.

At UniHosted, we specialize in hosting UniFi Controllers, offering a robust and secure platform for managing your enterprise UniFi network. With our cloud-based solutions, you can easily scale your network management capabilities, ensuring your enterprise environment is supported by a strong and reliable wireless infrastructure.

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