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Adopt UniFi AP SSH

Published onby Dries

One critical task is the adoption of UniFi Access Points (APs) into the UniFi Controller. This process can be achieved through several methods, and one of the advanced methods is through Secure Shell (SSH).

Using SSH for UniFi AP adoption is particularly useful in scenarios where the AP is not automatically discovered by the UniFi Controller.

Let dive in!

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The Adoption Flow via SSH

Before you begin the SSH adoption process, ensure that your UniFi device is in a factory-default state. This is crucial for a smooth adoption process. If that's the case we can go ahead.

Access the Device via SSH

  • Ensure that SSH access is enabled on your UniFi AP. This might require you to log into the AP's interface initially using the default credentials (which are typically 'ubnt' for both username and password, but this can vary depending on the device and firmware version).

  • Use an SSH client (like PuTTY or the terminal in Unix-based systems) to access your device.
UniFi SSH Commands

UniFi SSH Commands

Set Inform URL

  • Once logged in via SSH, issue the set-inform command. This command tells the UniFi AP where your UniFi Controller is located.

  • The command format is as follows: set-inform http://ip-of-host:8080/inform

  • Replace ip-of-host with the IP address of your UniFi Controller. If you're using a domain name, the format would be slightly different: http://FQDN:8080/inform.

Adoption in UniFi Controller

  • After issuing the set-inform command, your UniFi AP will appear in the UniFi Controller, ready for adoption.

  • From the UniFi Controller interface, you can adopt the AP and configure it as per your network requirements.

Sometimes, you might need to issue the set-inform command a couple of times if the AP doesn't appear in the Controller immediately. Also ensure that there are no network barriers (like firewalls) that might prevent communication between the AP and the Controller.

Final Thoughts

At UniHosted, we specialize in hosting UniFi Controllers in the cloud. We eliminate the need for any on-site hosting, cloud-keys, etc. We proactively test, validate, and updates the underlying controller, so that piece is taken completely off your plate. It's really about as simple as you can get for UniFi devices.

Our cloud-hosted controllers are easily accessible and can be used as the target for the set-inform command in the adoption process. This approach is particularly beneficial for managing multiple sites or when remote management is necessary.

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