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Hubox Pricing

Published onAugust 23, 2023

Installing and maintaining a UniFi controller yourself is a time-consuming task.

UniFi cloud hosting services simplify the process of maintaining your UniFi controller. They automate controller tasks such as installation, updates, and backups.

Several companies have stepped in to offer these services, such as Hubox, which has been in the space for over nine years. However, examining your options is vital before you choose your cloud hosting partner.

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About Hubox

Hubox is a notable contender in the UniFi cloud hosting arena. They claim that they manage over 3,000 clients. However, despite being in the market for over nine years, you can’t find much third-party information on them, such as customer reviews.

In addition, they don’t seem to have a social media presence, and after looking a bit deeper, they have improperly configured servers (some running outdated software).

Let’s talk pricing!

Hubox Pricing

Hubox has a simple pricing structure, offering two packages to cater to different customer needs. They base the pricing structure on the number of devices and the number of features that are included.

Their Basic plan costs $15 monthly for ten devices and one website. This is a shared-hosting option, meaning that you will share the server with other Hubox customers and don’t have a dedicated server.

If you want to have a dedicated server (which is standard practice), you need to upgrade to the premium plan. This starts at $30 per month for 100 devices and unlimited websites. If you add more devices, your monthly rate will be bumped accordingly.

Pricing structure

The number in brackets refers to the amount of managed devices.

Devices         Price per month  
10        $15            
100      $30             
250        $40            
500      $60             

UniHosted: A better alternative

UniHosted is an emerging UniFi cloud hosting player dedicated to automating your UniFi controller in the cloud. UniHosted serves many customers, from home users (free plan) to IT service providers looking for a scalable network solution.

UniHosted Pricing

UniHosted operates on a different pricing structure than Hubox. Instead of offering the same plans, you only pay for what you use. This is based on the number of devices. It prevents the fact that you will be upgraded when reaching a certain threshold. If you add more devices, your monthly costs will gradually increase.

Also, UniHosted is the only cloud-hosted solution that provides a free plan. You can use UniHosted for free and only upgrade to a paid version when you are ready.

Pricing structure:

Devices     Price per month  
50     $50              
100  $100          
500   $260          

What’s included?

The business offering includes daily backups, testing and applying updates, 24/7 monitoring, dedicated support, and security.

Comparison Between Hubox and UniHosted

The table below clearly demonstrates the price difference between Hubox and UniHosted for the same amount of devices.

Devices       Hubox Price per month UniHosted Price per month
10 devices        $15              $50                    
100 devices      $30                 $100                     
250 devices   $40                 $160                     
500 devices   $60                 $260                    

It is apparent from the table that Hubox is the cheaper alternative. However, pricing is one thing. You need a reliable service as well.

Final Thoughts

In the competitive arena of UniFi cloud hosting, several providers strive to secure your business. In this pricing comparison, Hubox has proved to be the cheaper alternative. However, both can be qualified as cost-effective solutions.

When choosing your cloud hosting partner, you should consider more factors than pricing. You should seek an affordable yet reliable UniFi cloud hosting solution. We wrote an in-depth article about the different UniFi cloud controller as a service options

Hubox has shown to be affordable but lacks reliability. With UniHosted, you can experience the best of both worlds - it's affordable without sacrificing quality.

Feel free to give us a spin!

Additionally, I'm happy to walk you through personally. You can schedule a call with me (Founder of UniHosted) here.

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