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Add UniFi Controller to the cloud

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Add your UniFi Controller to the cloud is great first step in improving your network management. There is a few ways you can go about: The DIY approach to cloud hosting or opting for a managed cloud hosting service like UniHosted.

Whatever you choose, moving to the cloud offers scalability, remote accessibility, and more management capabilities. In this post, we’ll explore both options for your UniFi Controller.

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DIY Cloud Hosting: Setting Up Your Own UniFi Controller in the Cloud

DIY cloud hosting involves setting up the UniFi Controller on a cloud platform such as AWS, Azure, or a Linux/Ubuntu server. This method is for those who prefer more hands-on control and customization.

Steps for DIY Cloud Hosting

  1. Choose a Cloud Platform: Decide on a cloud service provider like AWS or Azure.
  2. Set Up a Virtual Machine (VM): Create a VM on your chosen platform. Select an appropriate OS that supports UniFi Controller (e.g., Ubuntu, Azure, Windows).
  3. Install UniFi Controller: Download and install the UniFi Controller software on your VM.
  4. Configure Network Settings: Adjust your VM’s network settings to allow traffic through necessary ports.
  5. Maintain Your Setup: Regularly update and back up your UniFi Controller, and monitor the cloud costs and performance.


  • Full control over the hosting environment.
  • Scalability according to your needs.
  • Direct access to your controller with no intermediary.


  • Requires technical knowledge of cloud platforms and server management.
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring are solely your responsibility.
  • Variable costs based on usage and cloud service fees.

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Managed Cloud Hosting: A Hassle-Free Approach

Managed cloud hosting services, such as UniHosted, provide UniFi Controller hosting on a cloud infrastructure, managed entirely by the service provider.

The only steps here to create an account, choose your hosting regions and deploy your controller. Everything is managed for you. It's a handsoff approach to let your network run at peak peformance.


  • Minimal technical expertise required.
  • No need to worry about maintenance or updates.
  • Reliable performance and uptime.
  • Access to professional assistance for troubleshooting and advice.


  • Less control over the server and software configuration. Luckily, UniHosted schedules updates in advance and makes sure you are running on your preferred configuration.
  • Ongoing subscription costs.
  • Dependence on the service provider for support and uptime.

Final Thoughts

Adding your UniFi Controller to the cloud definitely brings benefits in terms of scalability, accessibility, and overall network management efficiency. The choice between DIY cloud hosting and managed cloud hosting depends on your technical expertise, resource availability, and management preferences.

If the managed cloud hosting resonates with you, feel free to give us at try! Or you can schedule a call with me (Founder of UniHosted) here. Happy to walk you through!

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