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How we handle software updates at UniHosted

We fully understand that validating new UniFi versions is crucial for optimal performance and security. We make this process easy and efficient for all of our customers.

This article outlines how we ensure this.

Let's dive in!

Table of Contents

Release Candidates

New UniFi Controller versions 'Release Candidates' are published on the official Ubiquity forum, community.ui.com. These versions are ready for release but have not been confirmed stable.


At UniHosted, we download and test these Release Candidates for stability. We have multiple test servers at our disposal where we run these candidates.


Once Ubiquiti confirms the version's stability, and if our tests are satisfactory, we deploy the version to our free tier users. This way, everyone stays up to date with the most recent versions.


If issues arise or the version shows signs of instability, we delay pushing the update to our paid users to ensure they have the most stable version. We can easily monitor log data, memory usage, CPU loads, and the presence of any memory leaks in light of our extensive monitoring systems.


Before conducting any update, we alert our customers via email, generally a week in advance (for instance, the next Friday). During the update, there might be a short period (approximately five minutes) where they can't access their UniFi controller. Their network remains operational during this period.


If a customer does not wish for their controller to be updated at the specified time, they can respond to the email to negotiate a more convenient time. However, we recommend immediate updates when possible, particularly when addressing a security vulnerability.

In conclusion, it's crucial for UniHosted users to keep their UniFi controllers updated for optimal performance and security. We aim to make this process seamless and efficient for all of our customers.