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UniFi vs Eero

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When it comes to selecting the right network solution, the choice often comes down to specific requirements and use case. As a UniFi controller service hosting, we're obviously fans of UniFi, but it's good to keep testing different solutions.

In this comparison, we'll dive into a detailed comparison between two network solutions: UniFi and Eero.


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Practical Insights

While UniFi equipment offers robustness and integration, it sometimes faces criticism for speed inconsistency and device connectivity issues. On the other hand, Eero systems demonstrate consistent performance and simplicity, often preferred in home settings.

In commercial settings or for outdoor Wi-Fi needs, UniFi's system offers more robust solutions. However, it's essential to weigh the benefits against the cost, especially in home environments.

eero vs UniFi

eero vs UniFi

Device point of view

For further comparison we'll take a deeper look at two devices: UniFi 6 and Eero POE6.

Design and Installation

The UniFi 6 and Eero POE6 boast sleek designs, making them easy for ceiling mounting and blending into various places. The installation process is straightforward for both, especially for the Eero POE6 that is compatible with standard screws.


For homeowners, the Eero POE6's simple wire pass-through feature might be appealing due to the ease of mounting. However, its lack of commercial mounting security could be a concern in public places. The UniFi 6 is designed with more robust features, can be used for both residential and commercial needs.


Speed tests show that the Eero POE6 performs really well, especially at close range, surpassing the UniFi 6 by up to 100 Mbps. However, UniFi 6 has more integration capabilities within the broader UniFi ecosystem, offering greater scope for network customization and expansion.

The UniFi Cloud Controller Edge

When managing UniFi devices, the UniFi Cloud Controller, like the services we offer at UniHosted, adds a layer of sophistication and ease. Key features include remote network management, enhanced scalability, better monitoring, and automated updates. This platform is particularly beneficial for commercial settings where network complexity and reliability are paramount.

Final Thoughts

The choice between Eero and UniFi should be based on your specific needs and preferences. Eero is ideal for home users seeking a simple, high-speed network solution. For commercial applications, or at least where network complexity and customization are important, UniFi, with its cloud controller is definitely a better solution.

We understand the importance of selecting the right network solution. If you need robust, scalable, and remotely manageable network infrastructures, but without the hassle, you might want to check us out. We provide fully managed UniFi Controllers with automatic backups, worry-free SSL setup, and on a stable version.

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