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UniFi content filtering

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Content filtering is often enabled to create a safe browsing environment. This can be at work (organizational policies), at home or at work to shield people for inappropriate content.

While content filtering can be beneficial, it's also important to balance it with the needs of users. Overly restrictive settings might hinder access to legitimate resources.

In this guide we'll explain how it works and show you how to enable/disable it. Let's dive in!

Table of Contents

How UniFi content filtering works

  1. Location in the Network Application: The content filtering feature is accessible under individual networks within the Networks section of your UniFi Network application.

  2. Functionality: This feature enables the blocking of malicious and adult websites, as well as the filtering of explicit content from search results.

  3. Requirements: To utilize content filtering, you need either a Next-Gen UniFi gateway or a UniFi Cloud Gateway.

  4. Filtering Options: There are two main settings for content filtering:

    • Work: This option blocks explicit, adult, and malicious websites. Additionally, it sets Google to use Safe Search and YouTube to Restricted Mode.
    • Family: Similar to the Work option, this setting also blocks VPNs alongside explicit, adult, and malicious websites, with Google set to Safe Search and YouTube to Restricted Mode.
  5. Application Examples:

    • For a child-safe environment (like at home), you can set a separate LAN network (e.g., 'Kids' network) with the Content Filtering mode set to 'Family'.
    • In an office setting, where the use of VPNs might be necessary but explicit content needs to be blocked, the 'Work' setting can be applied to the default network.

Managing and unblocking content filtering

To manage or unblock content filtering in a UniFi network, follow these steps:

  1. Access the UniFi Controller: Log into the UniFi Controller interface. As a hosted UniFi Controller provider, we at UniHosted take this out of your hands and manage these settings for you.
  2. Navigate to Network Settings: Find the Networks section and select the specific network you want to manage.
  3. Adjust Content Filtering Settings: Here, you can change the content filtering mode or disable it entirely for the network in question.

Final Thoughts

UniFi's content filtering is a tool for network administrators to ensure safe internet usage. Whether it's for a family setup or a professional environment, understanding and correctly configuring these settings is important.

At UniHosted, we provide expert support and management of these settings. This in addition to keeping your network robust and efficient. Feel free to give us a try! (it's free)

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