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How to connect U6 Pro to a UniFi Controller

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At some point you'll find yourself needing to connect new devices like the U6 Pro to your UniFi Controller. This process, known as device adoption, is a critical step to integrate these into your network.

This post is focused on how to connect a U6 Pro to your UniFi Controller. We'll walk you through it step-by-step.

Table of Contents

Initial Setup

Before beginning the adoption process, ensure that your UniFi setup is complete. We typically recommend using a UniFi Cloud Gateway for a great experience. Connect your U6 Pro to a Power over Ethernet (PoE) source that's on the same network as your UniFi Controller.

Adopting the Device

  • Through Web Browser: Sign in to the UniFi Site Manager on your web browser.
  • Using Mobile App: Alternatively, you can use the UniFi Mobile App (available for both iOS and Android) for device adoption.

Layer 3 Adoption (For Remote Networks)

  • In cases where the U6 Pro is on a different network than your UniFi Controller, you'll need to undertake Layer 3 adoption.
  • DNS Configuration: Configure your DNS server to resolve 'UniFi' to your remote UniFi Network Application.
  • Using SSH: Ensure your U6 Pro is in a factory-default state, then SSH into the device. Issue the command set-inform http://ip-of-host:8080/inform to direct the U6 Pro to your UniFi Controller. Following this, the device will appear for adoption as a standard Layer 2 device.

Default Credentials

  • Before setup or adoption, UniFi devices have default credentials. For UniFi devices like the U6 Pro, the default credentials are either ubnt / ubnt or ui / ui.
  • Remember to change these default credentials to maintain network security after the adoption process.

Final Thoughts

Adopting a U6 Pro to your UniFi Controller is a straightforward process, whether you're doing it locally or remotely. By following these steps, you can integrate your device seamlessly into your network.

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