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Why UniHosted?

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We host UniFi Controllers in the cloud.

If that sounds too vague, allow me (Dries, creator & engineer) to clarify:

Most businesses use multiple UniFi devices to operate their WI-FI network. To centrally manage these devices—be it for settings, monitoring, or updates—you'll need a UniFi controller.

You can install a UniFi controller yourself, but it’s a pain in the ass to set up. It does not stop after the installation. A UniFi controller also requires ongoing maintenance.

We make this very easy.

With UniHosted you can spin up a new controller that will be deployed instantly. Bye installation process.

We test and apply server updates, ensure it's running securely, and create backups. You don’t have to worry about any of this. Bye ongoing maintenance.

We even do this for free if you are a home user or DIY nerd like us. You are welcome to give it a spin!.

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Why UniHosted exists

I have been trying to get this of the ground for over two years. As a DIY nerd myself, I know the struggle of installing and self-hosting a UniFi Controller. I only needed one. Imagine the struggle of companies maintaining hundreds of networks for their clients.

My first attempt to solve this problem resulted in a half-baked product I never really launched because I did not think I could do it. I called it Whaamed and only got one user before discontinuing the project.

However, I couldn’t let go of the idea. UniHosted is my second shot to solve this problem.

I’ve seen multiple offerings enter the space. Some have done well for themselves in fixing this problem, but I believe there is still a big chunk of the market underserved.


The cheaper options aren’t as secure as they should be, and the better options are pricier than they need to be.

And that's exactly what UniHosted aims for: We provide both. An affordable solution that is secure.

We are here to create the best possible UniFi Controller service. I'm open to feedback and suggestions for our roadmap. You can try it for free and reach out to me directly here if you need anything.

If you are keen to learn more about the team, check our story.

Cheers from the boys!


The happy founders

The happy founders

We host UniFi Controllers in the Cloud

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