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UniFi Network Application 8.0.7: Overview

Published onDecember 6, 2023


Ubiquiti has recently launched UniFi Network Application version 8.0.7, marking a significant update in its range of network management tools. This version introduces several new features and improvements, enhancing both functionality and user experience.

Here's a detailed look into what this new update offers.

Table of Contents

Key Features of UniFi Network Application 8.0.7

  1. Radio Manager: A highlight of this update is the Radio Manager, providing an in-depth overview of Access Point (AP) radios. It includes options to filter devices and bands, offering detailed insights into their configuration, statistics, and performance. The Bulk Edit feature is particularly noteworthy, allowing simultaneous configuration changes across multiple APs.
  1. Improved Port Manager: The overhaul of the Port Manager includes a view of all ports across devices. It introduces new filtering capabilities (such as PoE or SFP ports) and provides detailed insights for comparative statistics between ports on the same device. The redesign of VLAN port management significantly improves the user experience.
  2. VLAN Viewer: This feature simplifies the management of VLANs, offering a clear view of Native and Tagged VLANs across devices. It includes functionalities for searching VLANs by name, ID, or subnet.
  3. WireGuard VPN Client: The addition of the WireGuard VPN Client allows UniFi Gateways to connect to VPN services, facilitating secure internet traffic routing for devices through the VPN. It supports both file upload and manual configuration options.
  4. Site Overview: For those managing multiple sites, the Site Overview provides a consolidated view of all sites on the UniFi Network Applications. It displays the number of UniFi and client devices connected per site, along with critical insights and notifications.


Enhanced User Experience and Security

  • The Port Manager has been upgraded for better usability.
  • VLAN management and Firewall Rules UX have seen significant improvements.
  • The System Log now offers detailed information on client connections, including connection time and data usage.
  • Security settings have been enhanced, including improved validation for network settings and DHCP options.
  • Auto-upgrade functionality for UXG-Pro after adoption completion.

VPN Enhancements

  • Expansion of WireGuard VPN Client capabilities.
  • Enhanced validations and options for VPN Server settings.
  • Increased VPN Client limit for OpenVPN and WireGuard from 5 to 8.

Clients and Devices Updates

  • Added PoE power cycle option.
  • Improved performance for UniFi Devices page.
  • Enhanced System Logs for better insights into client connections.

Wi-Fi Specific Updates

  • Introduction of Professional installer toggle for Consoles.
  • Improved MAC Address Filters management.
  • Enhancements in voucher printing options.

Bug Fixes and Additional Information

  • Various bug fixes including UniFi device display issues, channel width corrections, and WiFiman speed test result displays.
  • Users are advised to create a backup before upgrading to this version.
  • Requirements include MongoDB 3.6 to 4.4 and Java 17.

UniFi Network Native Application for UniFi OS

  • A specific version compatible with UDM and UDR running UniFi OS 3.1.6 or newer.
  • Manual update process via SSH requires using compatible packages.

Final Thoughts

The UniFi Network Application 8.0.7 is a robust update from Ubiquiti, offering substantial improvements and new features. It is particularly beneficial for network administrators seeking enhanced control and insight into their network infrastructure. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, this version represents a significant step forward in network management efficiency and security.

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