UniFi Cloud Controller: What are your options?

Published onAugust 23, 2023

The UniFi Controller is the central nervous system for managing and configuring Ubiquiti UniFi devices. A cloud-hosted solution is an absolute must for those who cater to multiple locations or clients.

There are, however, multiple ways to achieve this. This guide aims to assist you in making a well-informed decision by comparing different hosting alternatives.

Let’s dive in!

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Cloud Key Gen2 Plus

This seems to be an ideal solution for small enterprises and home users. The Cloud Key Gen2 Plus offers the most user-friendly solution if it works. The problem with these devices is that the quality is not there. In addition, it's a physical product with a local setup. If anything breaks, you need to be on-site to restore it. This is not ideal for IT service providers managing multiple clients and locations.

Self Hosting

For those with technical knowledge and available resources, local hosting of the UniFi Controller on a computer on your workspace or server stack becomes a viable option. While this method requires understanding patching and updating, it gives you greater control and is free. The downside is that it's tedious to install it, and you are responsible for updates, maintenance, and backups.

Hybrid Solution

Hosting the UniFi Controller on cloud-based platforms like AWS, Azure, or DigitalOcean brings with it the advantages of flexibility and scalability. However, it also transfers the responsibility of server maintenance and security to the user.

As this system is directly connected to the internet, regular updates are necessary to maintain both the UniFi Controller and operating system. This option suits those proficient in server management and can commit time to regular updates.

Cloud Solution

There are cloud hosting solutions for users preferring a hands-off approach to UniFi Controller hosting. UniHosted is a UniFi cloud controller solution that lets you control your UniFi networks instantly. You can deploy a new controller in seconds, and it takes care of updates, maintenance, and running the server securely.

UniHosted removes the complexities of backend management and updates. If you are an IT service provider looking for scalability while maintaining reliability, UniHosted fits your needs.

In contrast to other cloud-hosting options, UniHosted is free to use.

UniHosted homepage

UniHosted homepage


The optimal hosting solution for your UniFi Controller heavily depends on your specific needs and resources.

UniHosted is a cloud-hosted solution that lets you control your UniFi networks without the hassle. It’s free to use, takes care of applying updates and maintenance, and ensures your network runs securely.

Feel free to give it a try!

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