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How to work with UniFi support

Published onMay 2, 2024

Alright, let's be real. Ubuiti builds great products (like UniFi) but is probably not your best bet to get the support you need. Technical issues are annoying and you want to have it fixed. Here is how I would go about.

In this write-up, I created an overview of the resources available to tackle your UniFi network problems.

Table of Contents

Online Documentation

The first place I'd go looking is the official Ubiquiti documention.

  • Locate documentation: Visit the official Ubiquiti website or the UniFi support portal to get manuals, setup guides, and datasheets. These docs provide some valuable information on product setup, configuration, and features.

  • Search for relevant guides: Use the search function to find specific information related to your issue or device. Ubiquiti’s documentation is quite well-organized, so it should be easy to find something for your particular UniFi model.

UniFi Community Forums

The Ubiquiti forum is quite active. People are always happy to help you out if you can't figure it out yourself.

  • Register on the forum: If you haven’t already, create an account on the UniFi Community Forum. This platform allows you to get help from other UniFi users.

  • Post your issues: Clearly describe your issue, what steps you have already tried, and any relevant configurations in a new forum post. Be as detailed as possible so other members understand your problem better and provide more accurate advice.

  • Browse existing threads: Most of the time others have faced similar issues, and solutions are already available in the forum. Use the search tool to look for threads related to your problem before posting a new question.

Direct support channels

  • UniFi chat support: Upi can use the chat support feature in the UniFi portal. This service connects you with UniFi support agents who can provide real-time help.

This sounds like the best option, but I don't have a really good experience with this. Feels to much chatbot AI and not a real person. Also, it takes a really long time to get connected to a real support person.

  • Email support: If your issue isn’t urgent or requires detailed technical assistance, consider reaching out via email. Make sure to include all the details and screenshots or logs that might help. Again this takes very long to get a response (if you get one at all).

Check videos and webinars

  • Watch UniFi tutorials: There is a lot of content on Youtube by experts and home-owners sharing their solutions for common issues.

  • Attend Webinars: UniFi often hosts webinars and live Q&A sessions where users can learn about new products, features, and get answers to common problems directly. This is probably not the best way to fixe an error immediately.

Contacting UniFi Support for business ssers

Enterprise Support: For businesses, UniFi provides enterprise-level support, which includes dedicated phone support and priority email services. If you have a critical business network relying on UniFi products, consider subscribing to their higher-tier support plans for faster and better service.

However, this is super expensive if you want to get proper support!

Work with a third-party service (best option)

Working with a third-party service is possibly the best strategy for getting actionable help quickly. At UniHosted, we work with MSPs and host their UniFi Controllers in the cloud. In addition, to optimizing the performance and security of their UniFi Controller we help them with their setups and other issues.

Final thoughts

There are multiple ways to get help for your UniFi network issues. For smaller issues you search the documentation or dive into the forums. However, if you need tailored help based on your setups you might want to look for other options. Especially if you are working with large critical networks or complex setups, third-party service expert is a great shout.

At UniHosted we provide managed UniFi Controllers to improve your network efficiency and help you with your network setup and issues. Especially, if you are an MSP or IT-service business looking for reliable, secure and scalable UniFi network deployments, this is something for you.

Feel free to give us a spin! Additionally, I'm happy to walk you through personally. You can schedule a call with me (Founder of UniHosted) here.

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