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Published onAugust 23, 2023

Setting up your UniFi controller and managing updates, backups, and maintenance can be daunting.

UniFi cloud hosting services take all that hassle away. It simplifies the otherwise complex process of managing your own UniFi controller. They automate controller tasks such as installation, updates, and backups.

Before you choose your cloud hosting partner, examining your options is vital.

This blog will dive into Cloud UniFi’s pricing structure and propose a better alternative.

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About Cloud UniFi

Cloud UniFi has been in the business of supplying hosted UniFi controllers for over eight years. They employ exclusive hosting for these controllers, with servers in the United States and Europe.

However, little is known about their practices and who is behind this product. It’s difficult to find any third-party information, such as reviews, and they also lack a social media presence.

Cloud UniFi Homepage

Cloud UniFi Homepage

Cloud UniFi Pricing

Cloud UniFi's pricing structure is straightforward and tailored to various customer needs. Two factors influence which plan your organization falls under.

On the one hand, you have “standard hosting” (which I assume is shared hosting),  “pro hosting,” and “pro plus” hosting (a dedicated server). In addition, you have pricing plans for 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 managed devices.

Pricing structure:

The number in brackets refers to the amount of managed devices.

Plan          Price per month  
Standard (100)     $15              
Pro - (200)     $25              
Pro Plus - (500)  $50              
Pro Plus - (1000)     $75              
Pro Plus - (2000)     $150              
Cloud UniFi Pricing

Cloud UniFi Pricing

UniHosted: A better alternative

UniHosted is an emerging UniFi cloud hosting player that manages your UniFi controller in the cloud. UniHosted serves home users (free plan) and IT service providers who are looking for a scalable solution.

Cloud UniFi has been in business for over eight years, but no third-party information, such as reviews, is available. Since they also don’t have any social presence, it's hard to see who is running Cloud UniFi.

UniHosted Homepage

UniHosted Homepage

UniHosted Pricing

UniHosted operates on a different pricing structure than Cloud UniFi. IUniHosted has a different pricing structure. You only pay for the number of devices that you use. This prevents you from being upgraded to an expensive plan when you reach a certain threshold.

Also, UniHosted is the only cloud-hosted solution that provides a free plan. You can test UniHosted for free and only upgrade to a paid version when it suits you.

Pricing structure:

Devices     Price per month  
50     $50              
100  $67.50            
500   $107.50           

What’s included?

The business offering includes daily backups, testing and applying updates, 24/7 monitoring, dedicated support, and security.

UniHosted Pricing

UniHosted Pricing

Comparison Between Cloud UniFi and UniHosted

The table below compares the price difference between Cloud UniFi and UniHosted for the same number of devices.

Devices       Cloud UniFi Price per month UniHosted Price per month
30 devices        $25              $30                     
100 devices      $25                 $67.50                     
250 devices   $25                 $82.50                     
500 devices   $50                 $107.50                    

It is apparent from the table that Cloud UniFi is the cheaper alternative. However, UniHosted offers a free plan. In addition, pricing is one thing. You need a reliable service as well.

Final Thoughts

In the competitive arena of UniFi cloud hosting, several providers strive to secure your business. We wrote an in-depth article about the different UniFi cloud controller as a service options. Cloud UniFi has proved to be the cheaper alternative in this pricing comparison. However, both can be qualified as cost-effective solutions.

When choosing your cloud hosting partner, you should consider more factors than pricing.

Cloud UniFi is an affordable solution, but finding reviews or third-party information is difficult. With UniHosted, customers can truly experience the best of both worlds - affordability without sacrificing quality.

Whether you are a home user (free plan) or an IT service provider looking to scale your network, you should try UniHosted.

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