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Remotely SSH into a UniFi device from the UniFi controller

Published onby Dries (edited on by Adriaan)


This guide will walk you through enabling and using the "Debug Tools" feature within the UniFi controller web interface to securely SSH into any of your UniFi devices from anywhere. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Table of Contents

Step 1: Enable Debug Tools

  1. Access the UniFi Controller: Log in to your UniFi controller's web interface.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Find the "Settings" option in the main menu.
  3. Go to System Settings: Within the settings menu, select "System" to access system settings.
  4. Open Advanced Settings: Click on the "Advanced" option to view more settings.
  5. Enable Debug Tools: Look for the "Debug Tools" option. There should be a description indicating "Enable debug terminal for connecting to device." Enable this option.
  6. Apply Changes: After enabling "Debug Tools", make sure to apply your changes for them to take effect.

Step 2: Accessing Your Device via SSH

  1. Select Your Device: From the UniFi controller interface, navigate to the device you wish to access. You can do this by selecting the device from the list of available UniFi devices.
  2. Device Settings: Once you've selected your device, go to its settings.
  3. Launch Debug Session: In the device settings, you will now see an additional option or button labeled "Debug." Click on this button to initiate an SSH session.
  4. Session Initiation: The SSH session will be established using WebRTC, allowing for a secure connection from any location, without the need to be physically present on the network.
  5. Interact With Your Device: Once the session is live, you can run various commands such as set-inform, set-defaults, or any other commands necessary to manage your device or network.


  • Remote Access: The use of WebRTC allows for remote access to your devices, freeing you from the constraints of being on the same physical network.
  • Secure Connection: SSH provides a secure channel over an unsecured network, ensuring your commands and data remain protected.
  • Flexibility: Run a wide range of commands to manage your devices and network settings from anywhere at any time.

This guide should help you effectively manage your UniFi devices remotely with ease. For further assistance or more advanced operations, please refer to the UniHosted support resources or contact our support team.

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